There is a hunt in my backyard!

She is Cippy, she is looking for the dinner! Close to her, a gray thin cat is walking carelessly and a fat cat is dreaming for a new toy. Any steps further, the alpha, Finger, is patrolling his territory.


Availability: part of the CatVenture set of Kickstarter launch

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Follow the hunt, the rest… follow the CatVenture

This design contains 4 different dice. The set is Kickstarter exclusive and part of the Riot Dice launch campaign.

Follow this link to purchase your die. It will link you to the Kickstarter campaign.

Dice nameCippy's HuntFinger, the bullyThe Carelessness of the Thin CatThe rest of the Fat Cat
Die ColorCreamWhiteGrayBlack
Dots ColorsOrangeBlackDark GrayWhite
On "6" is an IconYesYesYesYes
On "6" Icon colorOrangeBlackDark GrayWhite
Die Dimension16 mm16 mm16 mm16 mm
Die Weight5 grams5 grams5 grams5 grams

You could have also its dedicated scenery case as Kickstarter add-on: The Litter

To have it add 3€ to your pledge.

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