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Become part of the team, submit your dice!

Fulfill the form below, all entries are mandatory, then upload your project.
6 Easy rules to make your project attractive

  1. Above all select a dice color and start drawing. Your design must contain six 12,5 mm squares, one for each die side, no borders needed.
  2. NO simple dots because we don’t love them. Design custom dots, their optimal dimension has to be 3 mm tall and 3 mm large.
  3. NO simple font numbers, it seems like buying dice on Alibaba. Choose a gorgeous font or use decorations.
  4. At last Five faces must contain dots or numbers and only one face may hold a logo with no dots or number.
  5. No club dice, no remake of any other company dice, no stolen copyright.
  6. If you want to submit a set, maximum 4 dice

Even more: be creative!

If we like your design we will contact you, we will test it and together we will schedule your dice. You will achieve the 10% of the income. Payment will be done by PayPal only.

Italiani per favore, leggete qui: secondo la legge vigente per ogni prestazione occasionale noi dovremo operare la ritenuta d’acconto per cui otterrete l’8% in trasferimento di denaro e il 2% in tassa versata.

If we don’t like your design we will erase your entry. Decisions will be unquestionable.

Please note, submitting a project you will be automatically added to our mailing list but keep calm, only 2 email a month…

Submit your dice

Follow the 6 rules, design your dice and send it!

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